Being married is not easy at all, in fact it is one of the greatest challenges of life that we know in the first world. Nobody wants to be committed in 2017, because it is so easy to get the benefits of marriage without the commitment. Covenant relationship means that you have to serve someone else without receiving anything in return. That is a very hard thing for selfish people to do.
Trust me, I would know how hard it is to serve someone in the present age. Putting another needs first is the last thing I personally want to do if I am stressed, or pressed for time. But in reality there are some things that couples can do to keep them serving each other.
The first is what I refer to as a “Three chord bond”, what this means is that the couple is bonded together through their one love; Jesus Christ. If two people are passionate about Jesus, it takes the pressure off of each spouse to perform. When people are satisfied with Jesus, they do not go looking for satisfaction from anyone else. When people are not satisfied with the one that made them, they then turn to people who are very, very, fallible to fill needs only an eternal God can fix.
Now, to most christians this is not new news. But, to the rest of the world, this is astonishing to hear. What? Why would I want to be content with someone even if they do not pleasure/ serve/ obey me? Why would I let someone off the hook like that? It is not letting someone off the hook, and in reality, service is the greatest form of joy that anyone can encounter.
Jesus says that to gain ones life he must first give it away, this is very true. Only true joy is found whenever someone gives their life away.
Working out is another habit that can improve a relationship between two married folks. How can this be? Well no one is truly satisfied when they are laying on the couch all day. Working out often gives a sense of accomplishment and makes people (and their bodies) feel a lot better. Whenever this is done in a marital context, couples working out together, is bonds two people by helping them share a sense of accomplishment. Being workout partners makes each member of the relationship rely on the other. By learning to rely on someone else, you have to learn to be someone that can be relied upon. You can to get pulled up off the ground, then catch someone as they fall; in a sense.
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