An exhibition is an organised display of works or products of art, science or industry. It may be arranged for providing information, for giving publicity, for showing progress, for demonstration, for popularity, for the spread of new skills or techniques, for contests and prizes as also for sale. Exhibitions are also known as fairs or shows. Nowadays, specialised agencies have come up to organise exhibitions, especially commercial ones. In an exhibition, there are various stalls or pavilions for the display of various products. Besides, there are stalls for recreation and refreshment. Exhibitions may be general or special. They may be public or private. For example, there may be an exhibition for students on India’s struggle for freedom, or an exhibition for doctors providing information about the latest medicines and recent advances in surgery. Or, there may be a public exhibition of various commercial and industrial products like kitchenware, handloom clothes, handicrafts, books, saris, etc. Exhibitions are also online nowadays, making it more convenient for people to view these exhibitions in the comforts of their home. As a trend has arose of viewing everything online, these is one of a major steps taken towards a good cause. Talking about an exhibition, it may be local, or national, or even inter-national. Very often , our government gives help to the participants, especially poor artists and craftsmen from villages. Thus their skill and craftsmanship not only gets noticed by the people in their neighbourhood but they get their personal reputed doctor online and even nationwide and they also begin to make a decent income for themselves.

Video games have recently gained a huge popularity and is crashing the markets unlike any other entertainment source. It began as a small industry and has grown on a huge scale today. People from first have been attracted towards interactive form of entertainment which relieves stress and makes a person emerge in the experience. Online games have been give a lot of priority to this day. Internet has been a boon for video games . It has made it quite simple for any person to download and play games online or offline , wherever they are provided they are online that is they have a internet connection.Many studies have revealed that play games for a specific amount of time made the human body more satisfied than any other entertainment source can. Nowadays, The industry has made a huge progress making games which are as near as possible to the real life. Online marketing is done of the industry to make it flourish in the best possible way. Online multiplayer is a feature added over the years to these platforms, which makes interaction of many gamers ( who play games ) at a time possible making the gameplay more fun and immersive. Huge investments are done to run this industry and great priority is given to both online and offline sectors and motivation is given to many small scale projects making it the most flourished industry for a while. This industry is receiving more and more importance and funding is provided to make this online industry run.


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