The older you are, the essential it is to do exercises on a regular basis. Eat healthy: trying to exercise, even if it’s only a moderate intensity, will help you by reversing the aging effects, if you manage to do it in the long run. Besides getting a longer life, you also get a better quality of life. You will become fitter and healthier, avoiding the aches and pains which show for most people when they get old.


Being sedentary is something you should avoid if you’re getting older. Any activity is fine, as long as it gets you to do some
movement and exercise. This needs moderation though, especially if you have a debilitating ailment. If you want to exercise regularly, choose an exercise that you enjoy doing, so you’re motivated enough to do it on a regular basis. Remember, starting to exercise regularly as early as possible will bring the most benefits.

Even if you don’t begin to exercise early, you can always start later. A study done on people living in a nursing home discovered
that just two months of exercise would improve the balance and strength of people that were over 80 years old.

Aerobics should be combined with strength and flexibility exercises if you want the best results. Exercises will help you improve both in the mental and physical areas. You will notice an increase in mental acuity when the brain receives blood rich in oxygen, and physically you will have more endurance, strength, and flexibility. The types of exercises below are the main ones you can use to improve your health.

Endurance exercises

This type of exercises includes running, walking, hiking, cycling, jogging, mowing the lawn, dancing, tennis, swimming, golf, gardening, stationary bikes and treadmill workouts. You should spend at last half an hour doing endurance exercises, at least three times each week.
Strength Exercises

Strength exercises will help you boost your strength, by weight lifting, resistance exercises and calisthenics (push-ups, crunches). Don’t do strength exercises on the same days you’re doing endurance training. Take two days to rest after each half hour session of weight lifting.

We need to get and stay strong. The strength of our muscles is what holds our skeleton together and holds us upright. The muscles also support and protect our spine and joints so we can bend our limbs and move. Muscle strength gives us our functional ability to allow us to do our
everyday tasks and activities.

The strength of our muscles also maintains our posture and body alignment. Our body functions most efficiently and economically in one template and if this is deviated from can cause problems. An out of line body with slouching or slumping posture will eventually be a painful, hurting body that will not be able to do all that it is capable of.

You need to get and stay flexible not moving enough creates the biochemical glue that sticks together our joints and muscles making us stiff and rigid. This contributes to joint pain, arthritis, disability and the need for joint replacements just to keep some mobility. Knees are most vulnerable to injury as they carry the majority of the body’s weight.


You can do stretching and flexibility exercises for around ten minutes, usually after you complete a workout session. You should stretch all your main muscles, including shoulders, arms, back, legs and trunk. A simple half an hour invested each day in aerobics or strength exercises a few times a week will do wonders for your general health.

Within the course of a few generations, most people in the developed world no longer have to perform any demanding physical work to survive. Most of us do almost precisely nothing on a daily basis that requires vigorous physical exertion. Our bodies are still the same as our ancestors; they have not changed into blobs that can sit around and remain healthy. We thrive on movement and need the stimulation of physical exertion to renew our bodies each day. We have been created to live a lifestyle we no longer maintain. Many of the fitness centers handout printing stickers to their members -because people like showing that they exercise and they are a part of a club or a fitness center

Go to your local gym and start now on the path to fighting the aging process through strength training exercise. Getting older isn’t so scary if you are strong and fit and you can have all that at any age.

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