newborn-babyPart of their growth and development process as it helps them to become healthy but you should wait till the age of six months before you start introducing solid food to your little one. Therefore you will need to look for foods that will facilitate healthy eating habits in babies but the most important thing is to look for signs that will indicate that your baby is ready for solid food The first sign that you will notice is that your baby will feel hungry even after being fed and might be constantly crying which indicates that you will need to introduce solid food as it offer all the nutrients and energy that are needed by the developing body of the babies. Thus the best option for you is to follow the hunger cues of your baby as it is the best indication for you so that you will never be wrong.

There are different things that you will need to keep in mind while stating solid food for your babies and the most important thing is to look for signs for readiness that is indicated by your baby. This is extremely important to know the right time to start but you will also need to start giving solid food as complementary foods. The minimum age when you must start giving baby foods is when your baby is at least four months of age and have started sitting with assistance, cooing, laughing and rolling over. It is the right age for babies who are more active but the average age when majority of the parent’s starts solid food is when their babies are six months of age. There are many benefits of introducing baby foods but the most important benefit is that it helps in increasing the iron content in babies along with preventing allergic diseases in young children. Moreover you will also need to look for developmental signs that indicates that your baby is ready for solid food that indicates the developmental readiness of the baby’s digestive tract and ability to digest foods easily without any obstruction. You can also look for signs whether your baby is opening food when food is coming in front of his mouth, hold his head up or move the food into the throat so that you can be rest assured that your baby is ready for solid food. When you ask a doctor online, he will give you the same information. It is very important to start baby foods at the right age so that the gastrointestinal system of the babies need to be properly developed for utilizing, absorbing and process solid food that you feed them. The right selection of foods is also very important for offering the right amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are required by their bodies for sustaining their rapidly developing systems.

baby-photoThe timing plays a crucial role in determining how much benefits your child will enjoy when you offer them the right food at the right time but starting it too early means, they will not be in a position to process foods and protect themselves from the allergens that are present in foods. There are some serious risks that your baby might face because of introducing solid food early like celiac disease, eczema, food allergy and excessive weight gain. Moreover it is also recommended to talk to the pediatrician before staring solid food so that your baby will experience healthy growth and experience. but on the other hands, you should not also delay giving solid food to your baby as it also have some risks like delay in developmental skills, iron deficiency, slow baby growth and risk of food allergy. Therefore you will need to take into account all these factors for determining the right time for starting solid food so that you can be rest assured that your baby will not get choked while eating or suffer from any kind of allergic reactions.

When starting solid food for your babies you should blend the food well so that the baby can digest the food easily and it is easily absorbed by the digestive system. You can also try feeding different flavors of food so that your baby is acquainted to a wide variety of foods so that he will not become fussy eater later in life.

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