Most overweight people developed bad eating habits as children carried them into adulthood. How many obese people are still behaving as if they were children? When growing up, their mothers told them to eat everything on their plates. You were told to think of the starving children in Africa; India or any third world country.

red-cabbage-raw-foodThe only time we take stock and mind our food intake is when we are down, fat, and sick that the only thing you can do is regret eating all the excess fat and carbohydrates that once made eating so much fun.
That is why education on healthy eating habits is always stressed in advertisements, news, blogs, fitness centers, and the like. We need to start eating healthy if we want to live a long, stress-free life. What is the purpose of exercising to the maximum level if the eating habit is poor? And, what is the use of enjoying all fatty food, mouth-watering desserts, chips, and sodas if it will lead to serious illnesses and irreparable damage to the body?
The key here is knowing how to control food intake as well as know the right kind of food to eat.
Although calories are essential for the body, learning to regulate our calorie intake spells the big difference. A misconception is eating food with lots of calories will help give us energy. This is entirely wrong because all excess calories contribute to fat build up in our body. So, what we need to do is eat healthy, exercise more, and eat fewer calories.
Small, frequent eating is recommended more than eating three square meals a day but in excess. This is because it becomes easier for the body to break down the carbohydrates and fats we ate into energy. Drink lots of water and healthy drinks such as tea and natural fruit juices, and surrender your soda-drinking habit. Eat lots of food rich in vitamins, protein, and fiber. Grill more, bake more and fry less. The cooking oil you use to fry fish, chicken and pork also contribute amounting to calories you put in your body.

noodlesEat your vegetables and fruits raw and do away with the salad dressings because they contain more fat than you need as your daily requirement. Go brown with the rice and have more of grandma’s home-cooked chicken broth.
These are simple tips we’ve heard over and over again, year in, year out. All we need is a change in lifestyle and eating habits, and we’re assured of a healthy, long life ahead of us.

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