I love food, don’t you? There are very few things in life that engage so many of the senses in such a pleasant way as eating. It is no wonder that eating is thought about and dreamt about and prepared for with greater frequency than sex. Eating is more than a national past time it is the very essence of friendship, fellowship and respect. Eating with someone gives insight into the very heart of their lives and for this reason much of what we eat is a secret and private.

This is a site dedicated to letting you eat freely but also to encourage you to eat well and without the painful results of overeating. Eat Freely, is a place where you can eat what you want when you want and write about how great it was. Everyone likes to post their meals photos to Facebook and Instagram.

We want to free you to eat what you want in the quantities and ways that will optimize your life. Let us help you in the small ways we can to get you the food you want and the freedom you need.

–¬†bon appetit¬†